​​We work with architects and artists; with builders and engineers; with laborers, makers and others who thrive on interaction and results.  Our roles may shift.  We begin as consultants and sometime experts, only to become perpetual students.

We work on and manage technical things; creative things; on designing and developing and managing projects, preserving buildings and conserving land.   Newer materials and technologies challenge, engage and inform us.  
We  become (at times) early adopters.

We travel (virtually, on and off-grid); we continue to learn and to explore new locations.  While open to new ideas and points of view, to varying cultures and modes of approach, we are  humbled, engaged and energized.

We plant living things in the dirt of the Earth.  This is not performed for commerce.

We reflect on the past while planning for the future.

We're community-minded; we deliver pro-bono work and we're philanthropic.​

Our projects are varied.

We are optimistic.

   storm above the Mississippi Delta


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